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Credits: Eleven albums, four EPs, thousands of songs and multiple appearances on other projects. The recent February 25, 2019 release will definitely have you wanting ‘More.’
This multi-talented songwriter, executive producer, and performing artist show noticeable development in variations of style.  And with the newly released ‘More’ album, Charles Kizzo ‘Kizzo’ Kizzee definitely have a hit on hand. 
Fans have voted this as the best project vocally, in song selections, and writing style; in Kizzo’s catalog. When asked why he thought his supporters felt that ‘More’ is his best project, Kizzo replied,’  The fact that I released the EPs last year, basically gave me a year to hand-pick the best material for one solid project. I took that time to create the ‘More’ project. I wasn't looking to release anything this year, so it really came together organically.
Charles shared that the selection process was based on his own music buying experiences. He explains that his decision to buy another artist’s music is dependent on whether that artist could release four songs that he (Kizzo) liked.
Kizzo says that most of the albums he buys consist of only 10 to 11 songs. With four songs completing almost half the album, he can pretty much trust that the remainder of the songs or at least most of them will be good.
So Kizzo put himself in his own shoes ‘literally speaking.’ He set out to release four songs which would convince himself to buy the ‘More’ album. Charles ‘Kizzo’ Kizzee decided it was a no-brainer to choose ‘Summer Love’ and ‘They Don’t Even Know’ because of each song’s current marketability (they just jam). He along with recommendations from fans selected ‘Close’ as the slow jam, and ‘Make Up’ as the ballad to take it home. Kizzo being self-assured felt like that would do it.
Charles enjoyed reconnecting and working on the ‘More’ project with his long-time friend Christyle Trakz.  Charles goes on to say, “It's just natural, the musical chemistry that we have. The fact that he produced the majority of this album means everything. Also, the tracks from Insane Beatz and Marcell Cassanova just add that extra flavor to it.

 Although some of his other albums feature a number of artists, Kizzo says, he didn't include many features on the ‘More’ album.
 That’s just the space I was in creatively.  However the one feature the listeners will hear on the ‘More’ album is Billy Cook. When Trakz and I came up with that concept together, I could visualize Billy's voice on it from the jump. He got on it and just nailed it. He's amazing, vocally.” Says Kizzo
There is no doubt that the ‘More’ album will be a huge hit. As a songwriter, executive producer and performing/recording artist Charles Kizzo Kizzee proclaims, “Everything about this project was spot on, even the artwork. I mean I took those pictures with my family, so my girls were there. I think I have just as many pictures with them as I have by myself. I really like when my daughters see me in that element. Not for me so much, but just so they can know it is okay to feel free to pursue their passion. I get a lot of support from fans and family and they say, “Kizzo you’re always working on something.” I don’t know what my next move will be, but I know there will always be ‘More.’
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[Submitted by Ms M. Ssugah Chaney]


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